7th Февраль 2018

Secure choice for Industrial Internet

Industrial Internet is mission-critical and the requirements for technology are significantly stricter than in consumer oriented Internet of Things (IoT). The answer for Industrial Internet needs is SATEL radio technology.

Industrial Internet applications should have the highest availability under all circumstances. If connectivity is lost, it often leads to losing money, time, brand value and customer satisfaction. Cyber security is also an important concern. Growth of new malware, ransomware attacks, cyber espionage, hactivism… These potential threats are highlighted when connectivity is based on public networks that are open to all internet traffic.

We at SATEL have a long experience in multi-technology solutions. Our private radio network is an excellent choice for Industrial Internet. The connection is reliable in all circumstances and our technology has a comprehensive built-in security. The private network can be totally independent, or it can be used together with public networks.